A Presenter’s Briefcase

January 4, 2008

If you want your presentation skills to shine and your message to stick with your audience, you have to tell a compelling and memorable story. It also helps greatly to present it with minimal delivery or technical glitches. Here are some devices that professional speakers should carry with them to minimize these potential problems.

1. Remote Control: Using a handheld remote control to advance your slides during a presentation is important, because it allows you to move away from the podium and focus on your audience. It’s very difficult to connect with your audience if your attention is on your slides.

2. Thumb Drive, also known as a flash drive, is a thumb-size portable memory storage device. Even if you are bringing your own laptop to a presentation, it’s good to have a backup copy of your PowerPoint in your pocket and able to be plugged into someone else’s computer if and when yours crashes.

3. Wraparound (or a lapel) Mike: When speakers use a handheld mike, their gestures are often awkward, because they are using only one hand. Clipping a mike to your lapel or using a headset wraparound mike will prevent your gestures from being half-hazard.

4. Passion: This is most important, but listed last because it’s a bit abstract for a briefcase: You always need to bring your passion for the topic to the presentation. If you show that you don’t care much for the topic, why should your audience care?



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