How to Get Flash to Work on an iPhone

I love my iPhone, except when I try to view an Adobe Flash-enabled video.

And since Adobe Flash powers a high percentage of online videos (it’s used on 70% of high-traffic Web sites), Apple’s reluctance to allow Flash on iPhones is quite frustrating.

I recently discovered a cool app as a workaround, and ironically, the tipster was an Apple store employee.

The app is called Logmein Ignition. It allows you to view Flash video by providing remote access to your desktop or laptop computer. And since Flash works on iMacs (and of course PCs), you can use Logmein to view a Flash-powered video on a computer through your iPhone or iPad.

Some of the cool features include ability to zoom in and out of your remote computer from a simple pinch of your iPhone screen; a one-finger pan works like moving a mouse; a double tap allows you to drag items.

The Logmein app could also be a very handy tool (beyond viewing Flash video), if you forget to bring a key stat or piece of data to a presentation, and need to retrieve it miles away from your desktop computer.

[Disclosure: I work for the Omniture business unit of Adobe, which Adobe acquired in 2009. I’ve been a fan of Apple products since the 1990s, but I’ve never shaved an Apple symbol on my head.]

If you’ve discovered other similar apps or other workarounds to view Adobe Flash video on your iPhone, feel free to post it here in the Comment section.

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