Best Practices for Creating Youtube Videos

Here are some great tips on how to make Youtube videos go viral, according to the recently released Youtube Creator Playbook, issued by Google.

1. Create great content that is unique, compelling and entertaining or informative
2. Optimize the first 15 seconds of your video
3. Include specific Calls-to-Action in the video
4. Set a recurring schedule for your Youtube brand channel and maximize your production investments to optimize how often you are able to release new content
5. Identify other channels with similar content and/or relevant audiences and work with them to create meaningful cross-promotion opportunities and collaboration videos
6. Use Youtube Insights and analytics (i.e – Google Analytics [free] or Adobe Sitecatalyst for advanced data analysis) to better understand your audience, improve your content, and help you develop effective programming and production strategies.

The 70-page Youtube Creator Playbook provides greater detail on how to execute these and many more techniques. It also includes a variety of helpful resources. Download The Youtube Creator Playbook.

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