Finding Great Images For Slides

June 22, 2008

When designing slides to complement a speech, you always want to think: Visual. Slides aim to help your audience visualize your captivating speech. You don’t have to be a Clarity.33.jpg graphic artist to create great visual slides.

In fact, there are a number of Web sites that provide great images at low cost, and even some sites provide them for free. For example, is a photo search engine, which indexes millions of freely licensed photos from many sources, such as Flickr. Membership is free, but the use of some photos require that you cite the source.

Another great resource is, which provides a giant library of photos and images at low cost (most images cost $1, or a little more for higher resolution pictures). Other good resources include Flickr Creative Commons Pool and Morgue File.

A couple of basic tips in using images: It’s usually best to put your text inside the image, and use a colored font that provides enough contrast for the words to be seen clearly. Also, never stretch a small low-resolution photo to make it fit your layout, because it will degrade the resolution even further.

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