Google to Release Communication Platform

June 28, 2009

Google WaveGoogle said it plans this year to release a real-time communication platform that allows people to collaborate on a project using a format called waves.

In Google Wave, you create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds from other sources on the web. People on your wave can insert a reply or edit the wave directly.

It’s concurrent rich-text editing, where you see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. The company claims Google Wave is just as well suited for quick messages as for persistent content — it allows for both collaboration and communication. You can also use “playback” to rewind the wave and see how it evolved.

Google has yet to announce a release date of the platform. If you’d like to be notified when its launched to the public, you can sign up here.

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